7 Health Tips



1-Drink: water (1/2 your weight in ounces/day)

2-Sleep: 8 hours/day

3-Move: walk; don't sit hours in front of TV/PC

4-Eat: WPN (no soda or oil for starters!)

5-Smart: no smoking, alcohol, drugs (like duh!)

6-Know: your numbers! (TC, LDL, BMI) (TC less than 150 and LDL less than 57) BMI between 18.5 and 23 (per Dr. Fuhrman).  BMI is computed by taking one's weight in kilograms (which is pounds divided by 2.2) and then dividing it by one's height in meters (which is inches times 2.54 then divided by 100) and then dividing it again by one's height in meters.  For example, for me it would be taking my weight of 150 pounds and dividing it by 2.2 to get 68.2 kilograms and then dividing it twice by my height in meters which is 71 inches times 2.54 divided by 100 for 1.80 meters.  This gives 68.2/1.80/1.80=21.0 resulting in a BMI of 21.0.

7-Friends: Stay connected; socialize!  Spread the good news!  This WPN movement is picking up steam like a locomotive!  Grocery stores are changing, restaurants are changing, fast food chains are changing, food delivery services are changing, even the USDA has and continues to change!  McDonalds recently reported that it is field testing its new “McVegan.” After we reach the 10% tipping point, like smoking, the change throughout the whole world will be inevitable!