It’s All About the Money!


The Big American Deceit (BAD): BAD v1.0 was no good, now BAD v2.0 is worse!

65 years ago, smoking was the original Big American Deceit version 1.0 (BAD v.1.0).  It was so effective that it took half a century to remove that nonsense from the American psyche.  Incredibly, the AVERAGE American smoked 1/2 a pack of cigarettes per day in the 1950s.  Practically everyone smoked from actors and celebrities to even doctors.  Everyone was told that smoking was healthy.  Those few saying otherwise were considered freaks.  Now 60+ years later comparatively no one smokes and doing so is looked down upon.  For those few who do smoke, mostly the uneducated, they are only allowed to smoke outdoors, if at all, in places where others are present such as the workplace, restaurants and airplanes.

Now, there is BAD v.2.0 and it is reaching a tipping point.  Like BAD v.1.0, this version affects practically all Americans who are now dying from bad nutrition and not so much from smoking as was the case with BAD v.1.0.

But a lot happens in half a century, both good and bad.  For example, a half a century comprises two generations, so most people alive today were not around to witness BAD v.1.0.  This is good for the proponents or villains and bad for the victims.  This time around to pull off BAD v.2.0 effectively, the villains are not spending millions of dollars but billions of dollars.  This is also bad for the victims.  But here is the good news for the victims:  there was no Internet and social media half a century ago.  The power of the Internet cannot be underestimated.  No longer can the truth be suppressed for so long.  No longer must the American People express its desires through controlling channels and big political and corporate machines which are beholden to the big money of rich special interests.  The Internet is the ultimate tool for democracy.  I firmly believe that the power of the Internet will bring the truth about BAD v.2.0 directly to the light of day and no number of billions of dollars will stop it.  American democracy is enhanced by the Internet.

Like BAD v.1.0 in which we were told that smoking was healthy, we are now being told that eating animal products such as meat, milk, cheese, and eggs is healthy.  And like smoking at the time, practically everyone does it.  And like those who did not partake in smoking at the time who were considered odd-balls, those who don't eat meat and dairy products today are also considered odd-balls.  But those who did not smoke back then, are alive today and similarity, those who don't eat meat and dairy today will be alive and well much later on.

So here we go again with a fresh generation of unsuspecting victims.  How many more millions of people must die until eating badly, like smoking, is abandoned?  With BAD v1.0 the greedy villain was the tobacco industry and its political, lobbying, and advertising cohorts. With BAD v.2.0, the greedy villains are the livestock, dairy, drug, and even medical industries along with, again, their advertisers and lobbyist and political pawns.  Fortunately unlike last time, the Internet with its YouTube, social media, and Wikipedia information systems and today's technological advances in nutrition will make revealing the truth, the science, much more efficient.