Great Websites!


Some of my Favorites:


This is my top site for nutrition information.  Dr. Greger just kills it.  He and his team go through all the English language studies and cull out what we need to know and invite anyone who has information to the contrary to point them to the study that contradicts their findings in order to find the truth.


This is an awesome website.  I just learned about it MO26SEP16 from a Dr. Greger tweet and it provides meal suggestions and recipes.  This website uses the new ".world" top level domain (TLD) of ".world" instead of ".com" so don't get confused.  It also uses the increasingly more popular "https" secure protocol.  In keeping with saving money, I just use the free level and pick Dr. McDougall's son, Dr. Craig McDougall since he, like his dad advocates no oil.  I also pick Dr. Greger, of course, since he is just the bomb!  Some other "nutrition" gurus sometimes advocate vegan protein powder but I find it very difficult to keep my protein level low in the safe range as it is without resorting to that even though I live a 100% WPN lifestyle.

3- Suggested by Dr. Stanger, many fat-free vegan recipes from which to choose.

4- This is John and Ocean Robbins’ site with great recipes and other useful information.