The chef’s dog, Rango.

Man’s Best Friend Needs Good Food Too!

Does it make sense to feed your loving companion leftover carcasses that are unfit for human consumption?  Science proves that eating animals products is killing humans.  What do you think that eating leftover animal products that the industry itself states are unfit for human consumption does to the health of your trusting canine family member?  Does it even make sense to kill innocent animals to feed another?  Unlike cats, dogs are omnivores and can not only survive but thrive very well on a Whole Plant Nutrition (WPN) diet.  Dogs on such a regimen have been known to outlive their expected lifespans and maintain a high level of energy.

We have two labs who eat anything and everything and had no problem “transitioning” to a WPN diet.  We feed them green beans at 75 cents a pound and large Russet baking potatoes at 39 cents a pound from CostCo, apple cores, watermelon rinds, papaya skins, bananas, pineapple cores, sweet potatoes, walnuts, and even kale and broccoli stems; you name it.  With the exception of banana skins and pineapple spines, they eat skins, rinds and seeds.  What’s there not to like?