A Christian's Perspective

What Would Jesus Do?

This site is not an official site of Truro Anglican Church of Fairfax, VA.  Instead it is an attempt by a frustrated member of the congregation to start a discussion on nutrition.  Many organizations jealously guard access to their members.  Churches are no exception.  This type of control over free association and free speech sadly is one of the reasons why many people who love God avoid organized religion.

In this case I have tried without success to inform the membership that I would be willing to lead a discussion on nutrition, free of charge, with nothing to sell.  For over a year I have provided, again free of charge, an organic healthy Whole Plant Nutrition (WPN) breakfast with fresh organic fruit to the men's weekly early morning study group in an attempt to make a difference.

A recent study shows that 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.  Christians are even worse off since 76% are overweight or obese.  At Truro, 89% of the clergy are overweight or obese.  We need help.  Sunday mornings have church groups raising funds albeit for good causes by selling doughnuts.  Like most churches, little regard is given to WPN whenever food is served at church events.

Genesis 1:29 is clear, the plants are for food, not animals.  The idea of Jesus slitting the throat of a lamb in His arms is incomprehensible to me.  Much has been written about how Jesus and His disciples did not eat animal products.  For example, Keith Akers in his book "The Lost Religion of Jesus" provides the basis of that determination.

As Christians we must demonstrate leadership in providing the compassion that these creatures from God deserve since, "that's what Jesus would do."