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What Would Jesus Do?

This page is not an official site of Truro Anglican Church of Fairfax, VA.  Instead it is an attempt by a frustrated member of its congregation to start a discussion on nutrition.  Many organizations jealously guard access to their members.  Churches are no exception.  This type of control over free association and free speech sadly is one of the reasons why many people who love God avoid organized religion.

In this case I have tried without success to inform the membership that I would be willing to lead a discussion on nutrition, free of charge, with nothing to sell.  For over a year I have provided, again free of charge, an organic healthy Whole Plant Nutrition (WPN) breakfast with whole grains and fresh fruit to the men's weekly early morning study group in an attempt to make a difference with little success to show for my efforts.

Ironically, I was asked to present at the Transformation of Life Christian Center where I was welcomed with open arms.  There I participated in its annual Health & Wellness Fair and was invited to participate again next year.

A recent study shows that 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.  Christians are even worse off since 76% are overweight or obese.  At Truro, 89% of the clergy were overweight or obese.  Then one left and we just ordained 2 very young clergy which now means that there are only 7 of 10 clergy who are overweight or obese giving us the ”low” 70% American average instead of the higher 76% Christian average.  We still need help.  Sunday mornings have church groups raising funds albeit for good causes, by selling doughnuts.  Like most churches, little regard is given to WPN whenever food is served at church events.

For example, even though warned that the World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2015 that all processed meats are classified as “Group 1“ carcinogens along with tobacco, asbestos, and plutonium, hot dogs are still served to our unsuspecting innocent children at church events.  It is like the adults do not even care, even when it concerns their own children.

This reminds me of how children put their innocent trust in those of authority such as Catholic priests and clergy and then through a satanic manipulation these authority figures do evil and destroy the lives of innocents all the while believing that they are doing God’s will.

For example, our motto at Truro is “Learning to Love Like God.” It begs the question, does God love all His creatures and yet condones the wanton killing of thousands every second because they “taste good?” I’m certain that sexual predators do what they do because it “feels good.” Not once in the Bible does Jesus sit down and eats meat, drinks milk, or eats an egg.  Nowhere does He take a lamb to slaughter or ask someone to pass Him another drumstic.  Jesus is ALL about LOVE and COMPASSION to the LEAST among us.

Genesis 1:29 is clear, the plants are for food, not animals.  The idea of Jesus slitting the throat of a lamb in His arms is incomprehensible to me.  The Bible says that the good Shepherd lays down His life for His sheep; not the other way around.  Much has been written about how Jesus and His disciples did not eat animal products.  For example, Mr. Keith Akers in his book "The Lost Religion of Jesus" provides the basis of that determination.  In this video, Mr. Akers explains how Jesus’ abhorrence of animal sacrifices culminating in the overturning of the tables in the temple, led to His crucifiction:


In this second video David explains the many passages in the Bible that relate to consuming animal products:  


Finally this is a brilliantly written article written by Mr. Robert Wayner on WE01OCT14 first in the Encyclopaedia Britannica‘s Advocacy for Animals site and then the “Free from Harm” site titled “The Christian Basis for Veganism.”


The very first church ever for vegans was consecrated on FR20OCT17.  It is called “The Humanitarian Church” at thehumanitarianchurch.org in Erieville, NY and it is led by Pastor Rob Munro.  I have provided a link to this historic church here:  http://firstveganchurch.com

As Christians we must all demonstrate leadership in providing the compassion that ALL living creatures from God deserve since, "that's what Jesus would do."