YouTube or NetFlix



1-Vegan 2018 (Totally free on Youtuve)

2-PlantPure Nation (Netflix)

3-Forks Over Knives (Netflix)

4-Cowspiracy (Netflix) (This was the video that caused me to abandon meat products overnight back on WE18NOV15 when my vegan neighbor texted me its link.)

5-Earthlings (Netflix)

6-Food, Inc. (Netflix)

7-Fed Up (Netflix)

8-Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (Netflix)

9-Food Matters (Netflix)

10-Hungry for Change (Netflix)

11-Mad Cowboy at

12-What the Health


14-Eating You Alive Its official trailer:

and its website:  

15-Eating Our Way To Extinction

16-The Game Changers


17-Live and let Live

18-Peaceable Kingdom

19-Simply Raw:  Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days