The P5 Initiative

What is The P5 Initiative™?

The P5 Initiative is the solution created by the Mount Vernon Project® that dramatically reduces the costs of healthcare paid by:

(1) the individual

(2) the employer

(3) the insurance provider, and even

(4) the Federal Government.

It accomplishes this amazing feat by providing a financial incentive to all four of these entities for individuals to attain and maintain a healthy body thereby preventing the likelihood of contracting the leading killers of Americans:  heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and many more.  Only 5 health parameters are measured to effectively prevent these diseases, hence the term "P5" for "Preventative 5."

These 5 health metrics are:

(1) BMI (Body Mass Index):  18.5 to 23

(2) BP (Blood Pressure):  90/60 to 120/80

(3) HbA1C (Blood Sugar):  below 5.7

(4) TC (Total Cholesterol):  below 150

(5) LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein):  below 57

The P5 Initiative is totally voluntary and is offered to any non-smoker at any age.  The financial incentives continue as long as the P5 metrics are maintained without the use of drugs.  These must be validated annually, typically during one's free physical.

Another way to think of this is to consider how premiums are increased for smokers.  In this case, premiums are decreased for P5 adherents.    What do we do?   We offer instruction and guidance on how to achieve these 5 preventative metrics through the science of nutrition.  Why treat disease when you can prevent and even reverse disease?  There are no "special" meal plans, no supplements or pills with the exception of B12, and no faddish diets; just Whole Plant Nutrition (WPN).  In essence, you take control of your own health.  We show you how:  what to avoid eating, what to look for when shopping, what nutrition and ingredient labels really mean, and how to prepare meals.  We are not beholden to any special interests but to wholesome produce.  Within days you can watch your P5 metrics improve.  It is that fast!

Why us?

Your coach, John A. McEwan, is a T. Collin Center for Nutrition Studies Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program graduate from eCornell of Cornell University.  He can explain in very practical terms the how and the why the body responds to different types of food.