My favorite

My favorite recipe is for a chocolate milk shake.  Typically WPN milk shakes and ice cream build upon frozen bananas, a nut milk, perhaps a few dates for added sweetness, and flavoring.  This one is no different.  It is actually Dr. Joel Fuhrman's recipe for chocolate ice cream but with extra nut milk to give it a milk shake consistency.

My favorite chocolate milkshake recipe has only four simple organic plant foods:

(1) 1/2c almond milk (unsweetened & vanilla-flavored)

(2) 1 date

(3) 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

(4) 1 banana (frozen)

Just put them in the above order into a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix.  The first three ingredients can be put in first and then add the banana or bananas if your making more than one serving, one by one until smooth.

Here’s the nutrition information:

Total calories:  161kCals

Total fat:  2.4g

Saturated fat:  0.1g

Cholesterol:  0g

Sodium:  91.3mg

Carbohydrate:  36.3g

Fiber:  6.1g

Sugar:  19.4g

Protein:  3g