Chocolate Flax Shake

My favorite recipe is for a chocolate milkshake.  It is the perfect medium to put Dr. Greger’s suggested daily consumption of one tablespoon of ground flax seed for omega-3s.  Unlike milkshakes that use cow’s milk and ice cream that are full of artery-clogging saturated fat and cancer-promoting animal protein, this WPN milkshake has none of that.  Typically WPN milkshakes and WPN ice creams build upon frozen bananas, a nut milk, perhaps a few dates for added sweetness, and flavoring.  This one is no different.  It is actually Dr. Joel Fuhrman's recipe for chocolate ice cream but with extra nut milk to give it a milkshake consistency.

My favorite chocolate milkshake recipe has only four simple organic plant foods:

(1) 1/2c almond milk (unsweetened & vanilla-flavored)

(2) 1 date

(3) 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

(4) 1 banana (frozen)

Just put them in the above order into a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix.  The first three ingredients can be put in first and then add the banana.  It you are making more than one serving, (I typically make 4 servings at a time) then blend the first three ingredients first and then add the bananas one by one until smooth.

Here’s the nutrition information per serving:

Total calories:  161Cals (Cal=kcal)

Total fat:  2.4g

Saturated fat:  0.1g

Cholesterol:  0g

Sodium:  91.3mg

Carbohydrate:  36.3g

Fiber:  6.1g

Sugar:  19.4g

Protein:  3g

A great easy start for breakfast


Cold or Hot Oats

In a 1.75Q container, add:

2c oats, 1/2c quinoa, 1/2c chia seeds, 1/2c craisins, 1/2c blueberries, 4T ground flax, 2t cinnamon stir then add 3-1/2c almond milk. Put in fridge overnight. Portion into bowl, if you like it hot, then microwave, then add more Almond milk to desired consistency and stir, top with walnuts and serve. I like it cold or hot!

Wraps & Tacos


Fast, tasty and easy

Just take a Mission Low-Carb large whole wheat tortilla (110Cals/23g fiber), put in a little cooked grains (brown rice for example) some no-fat black bean dip, a coarsely chopped green (such as bok choy), some sliced avocado and fresh scallions.  I even had some leftover sliced carrots, cucumber and celery from making vegan sushi.  This is a great way to finish up leftovers.

Sushi Mini-Wrap/Taco

These turned out almost sushi-like though they needn’t be!

Not having it to be a perfect sushi, saved me time!

If making sushi gets too complicated, just make little “tacos“ or mini-wraps.  Start with the seaweed.  I use the little rectangles from CostCo.  Put a little rice and a few thinly sliced carrots, cucumber, and celery And even some avocado if you have it, a bit of low salt soy sauce or liquid aminos, and then pinch it together.

Vegan Crab Cakes

Shown with some chopped freshly steamed greens.

My favorite! (And my wife and her mom from Baltimore love them!)

While attending the 2019 NBC Health & Fitness Expo in Washington, DC, I stopped by the Vegan DC booth and spoke with Allison who raved about these vegan crab cakes.  The recipe is from Robin Robertson.  This is the link:

Oat Waffles

I may have put too much pure organic maple syrup!

Everybody loves waffles!

These are very healthy and SOS Free!  This recipe comes from the world-famous Esselstyn family.  Only 5 ingredients are used:  1c rolled oats, 1 ripe banana, 2T ground flax seeds, 1t vanilla extract, and a little orange zest, and water of course!  No added salt, oil, and sugar; making it "SOS Free!"  The quantities listed above make 2 big Belgium waffles.  I usually make 3 times that amount at a time using my Vitamix.  I do use much more water to get the right consistency.  Check it out at

French Toast


It is as healthy as your bread!

Practically everyone loves French Toast!  Hard, old bread works fine.  If you have bread that is high in fiber, that is even better still!  The batter uses ground chia seeds though I suppose ground flax seeds would work as well.  I use the little coffee bean grinder to grind these seeds since they have a limited freshness life once ground so I store them whole and grind them when I need them.

 It is so quick and easy to do so, about 5 seconds!  The recipe is from the Minimalist Baker:

I would suggest using pitted dates blended with a little water to substitute in for both the agave in the batter and for the maple syrup since replacing sugars with whole food sugar is always better.

Also I have had success in using a ceramic non-stick pan with no oil or vegan butter.

Everything Hummus!


SOS Free Hummus is so healthy and makes everything taste delicious!

This video from the World-Famous Esselsyn family, shows how to make a basic SOS-Free hummus using only chick peas (garbanzos), garlic, mustard, and lemon.  Anne and her daughter Jane go on to show how to customize the hummus by adding different flavors.  Check it out at


This SOS-Free WPN Burger is all of it!

The American Classic!

Burgers revolutionized fast food.  Sandwiches started it by using bread to make food “portable” for the “on-the-go” generation.  Now, burgers made them hot.  What makes these burgers so good, is that they’re actually healthy!  Hambergers made from meat are so yesterday!  Empires have been built upon feeding these high saturated fat and cancer-promoting death traps to billions of people worldwide and in doing so billions are suffering from heart disease and obesity and premature death not to mention the ghastly death of billions of animals and destruction of our planet!

So that was then, and this is now!  Today’s educated generation doesn’t blindly go along with this nonsense any more than they smoke cigarettes.

Check out what the Esselstyn ladies are doing with burgers:

Thinking Outside of the Box


What do you do with Asparagus stems?

I cut the top  4" off and steam or blanch them.  They're delicious just like that!  As a side or even a main dish you can always serve them; with or without a sauce or dip of fat-free spicy black bean dip or a hummus.

So what to do with the remaining 4" or so of raw stems?  I cut off and discard only the bottom 1/4".  I then finely dice up the remainder which can be added to a salad for crunch or put in soups or stews or chilis or put on pizza or even put in breakfast cereal; that is not a misprint!

I took a cup of Raisin Bran, a cup of diced asparagus stems, some cinnamon, an ounce of walnuts, and a cup of fresh organic blueberries and then added unsweetened almond milk.  The asparagus adds crunch but really doesn't affect the taste.  What a great way to get your cruciferous vegetables in!

I imagine all of the above also works with broccoli stems, finely diced beets and greens and other such vegetables.  The sweetness of the cereal and the intensity of the cinnamon insure that you're only adding crunch yet the nutrition is so much more!

You can't get too much greens!

Dr. Esselstyn is the expert here.  He recommends eating greens several times a day, every day!  

Limit added sugar!

Dr. Klaper has a great presentation explaining how added sugars are bad in so many respects.  The one I found fascinating is how sugar is "sticky" and how its stickiness affects our blood vessels and even our muscles.  Hint:  Sticky is not good!

Delay "breaking the fast."

Only eat when you're hungry!  Many times I'm not hungry when I wake up.  I may not eat my first meal until "lunchtime."

More Ideas


Other ways to "sneak in" health and save money!

In this example I use something that everyone likes, rice and beans.  It is staple in Latin culture.  Just like the Italians always include a pasta dish, or Asians include a rice dish, Latinos include rice and beans.

Of course, I tweak it.  Since the dominating ingredient in rice and beans is the beans, more specifically the herbs and spices used, I substitute the rice for a heartier whole grain such as farro or non-pearled barley or whole oats (groats) or wheat berries or quinoa or other such whole grain.

Then I top it with lots of beans such as black beans or kidney beans or navy beans or pinto beans or even black-eyed peas.  To add flavor, I sauté some onions in a little water, no oil, and then may add diced tomatoes and whatever herbs and spices you like and and cook it with the beans before serving  stop the grain.

I then chop up a quarter onion and a cup of chopped raw asparagus or raw broccoli stems or similar raw crunchy vegetable and put it on top.